Women are allowed to bare their breast in the British parliament

Female deputies of the British parliament have a right to breast-feed their children right during the sessions of the House of Commons. Julia Drown, the deputy of the Labour party did not even dream about such a victory, when she addressed to the speaker in March of the year 2000 with a request to make a decision, which would allow her to bring her five-month child to the sessions and feed him with a bottle, when necessary. She was refused for several reasons: it was forbidden to bring beverages to the parliament, secondly, it was not allowed to eat during the sessions, so feeding children was also forbidden. Finally, unauthorized people were not allowed to gain entry to the parliament either.

Betty Boothroyd, who was the speaker of the British parliament at that time, made a small concession: she allowed to feed babies in deputies’ offices. She did that because the debate sometimes lasted up until midnight and those deputies, who had babies at their homes, could not feed them on time.

A revolutionary breakthrough happened, when Michael Martin became the new speaker. Female deputies were allowed to feed their babies, even to breast-feed them during the sessions of the House of the Commons.

So, there will be some people in England, who will be able to say they have drunk the democratic principles in together with their mothers’ milk.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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