More than Three Million Russian Children Require Urgent Hospital Treatment

Initial results of the national examination for children have revealed that 3.26 million children currently require inpatient care. As a Rosbalt correspondent was informed by Chief Pediatrician for the Russian Health Ministry Alexander Tsaregorodtsev, a further 4.5 million children must undergo a course of sanatorium treatment.

Last year, the head pediatrician said, about 6 million children were hospitalized. 92% of the children examined were declared physically developed while 8% of boys and 8.1% of girls were underdeveloped physically. Moreover, it was observed that many boys under 18 have a deficit of muscle bulk. 18% have a bad posture and, what is more, this problem is twice as common among children living in cities than it is among children in rural areas. 14% have problems with their musculoskeletal system, 13% have digestive disorders, 10% have eye problems and 8% have respiratory problems.