Blond Police Women Are Outlawed!

A police woman from Hong Kong may lose her work because of her hair style. The woman has the insolence to come to the workplace with her hair toned blond, which, by the way, is officially prohibited by law. A law officially came into effect in January 2001, in accordance with which women working in law enforcement authorities are obliged to have clean and neatly combed hair of natural color or dyed in natural colors.

Sharon Lim, 35, who has been holding the post of a senior police inspector for two years already, ignores the prohibition, as her hair is toned blond. Boss of the police woman several times ordered that she must dye her hair into brunette again. However, Sharon thinks that blond hair suits her much better. She says that it will be quite a problem to dye the hair back into her natural color, as it is very difficult to choose a tint very close to the natural hair color. Hong Kong’s police top authorities learnt about the obstinate woman, and Sharon was brought into criminal account for violation of the official prohibition. She was called “a vicious woman who cannot any longer work in law enforcement authorities” and the woman was fired out of the police station.

But the scandal drew attention of the public community: human rights activists immediately came to the defense of Sharon Lim and declared that her hair style wasn’t insulting for other people at all. It is rather strange that the incident took place in Hong Kong’s police at all: there is a woman with her hair dyed blond on billboards attracting women to work in police.

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