Russian Pilots Woke the Chinese Emperor Guard

The fate of legendary Chinese “terracotta warriors,” one of the greatest memorial of world history, has unexpectedly turned to be connected with Russian pilots from the city of Ulyanovsk.

The “eighth miracle of the world” was kept in Shanghai museum. One of its workers noticed the sculptures were being eaten by some unknown fungus. As this fact became known, scientists from Guam Island expressed their readiness to “heal” the statues, while to transport the unique load (whose insurance sum makes $ 32 million), pilots of the Ulyanovsk aviation company Volga-Dnepr were hired. The Russian plane just landed on the island, when a monster hurricane started there, the most serious within several last years, which caused human deaths. Local citizens accused Russian pilots of being the reason of the disaster: according to the legend, the terracotta warriors cannot leave the grave where they were buried, otherwise a penalty will befall the place where the sculptures get.

The Pongsona typhoon was born in Pacific Ocean December 4. Meteorologists forecasted the typhoon, though nobody could expect the disaster will be so powerful. It was supposed the hurricane, having reached Guam, would turn into a strong wind. This is why, the airport functioned and received planes. Russian pilots successfully reached the airport. Though, as the plane just started to land, the hurricane fell upon the island.

According to the Volga-Dnepr company spokesperson, Yelena Kozitsina, the transportation of the sculptures demanded much accuracy. The warriors were put to special boxes, while the 32 boxes were placed in the cargo cockpit in special order, according to the customer demand. Constant temperature was kept onboard: 17 to 20 degrees Celsius. Nobody could expect the liner would get into a hurricane. At first, everything was OK, the crew captain, Viktor Veretin told to journalists. Though, as the plane started to land, it literally got to the hell. A strong whirlwind appeared which started to throw the plane from one side to another, as if it was of paper. It is a real wonder, that neither the crew nor the load were injured.

According to meteorologists, the hurricane moved over the island with a speed of 50 metres a second. Pongsona was the most destructive hurricane within last years, which killed several people and left many families without a roof over their heads. It also seriously damaged the US military base situated on the island. The island harbours and the airport are still closed. While the island dwellers frighten even to near to the Russian plane: they are sure of the hurricane being caused by the emperor warriors transported from Shanghai. The figures are cursed, they say, evil spirits inhabit in them.

Ironically, the Shanghai museum worker, Yun Tsi I shares this idea. According to an old legend, the warriors must guard the emperor quiet even after his death, he says. They are said to revive in case of a danger. The warriors must not leave their place the legend reads, otherwise they would bring damnation to the place they get.

Spite all the fears, the island authorities persuade the Chinese government the warriors will leave Guam only when they are saved from the fungus. The figures are said already have been transported to the specialists.

While the Russian pilots are not as lucky as the emperor warriors. Some of them must remain in the island till the expert examination finds out the true character of the liner defects. The others will get to Russia by another plane when the Guam airport is open again.

P.S. The terracotta army of the Chinese emperor Tsin Shikhuandi (who ordered to create the great Chinese wall) was found in 1974 by a villager not far from the city of Lintong. They are a real miracle: 8000 warriors are made of burnt loam and situated according to war strategy of that times. Battle chariots were made of wood, so they did not remain till now. The soldiers are 1.96 m high, and scientists suppose that are sculpture portraits of real warriors who were killed during the emperor burial. According to old Chinese belief, the emperor warriors must die together with emperor to stand guard over him even after his death.

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