British Sheep to Become Poets

The composing of poems has always been considered an amusement for people, but as it turns out, not only humans compose verses; even some fauna representatives write lyrics as well.

A very interesting experiment named Quantum Sheep is to be soon held at the White House farm in the British County of Northumberland. A flock of sheep will participate in the experiment, a word from a poem by poetess Valery Louz will be written on the back of each experimental sheep. After that, the sheep with the words on their backs will go to a regular pasture. Then, they will once again gather together in a flock; at that, words on their backs will make up phrases or even rhymes. Every time there will be different sentences and phrases. People controlling the experiment won’t interfere with the intra-flock migration of the experimental sheep so that “verses” will come out spontaneously. The Northern Arts charitable organization will sponsor the unusual experiment. The organization appropriated 2,000 pounds for special paint to write words on the sheep’s backs. The White House farm suffered great losses after an epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease: the owner of the farm, Donald Sleiter, hopes that sheep poetry will bring in earnings and help recover his looses due to the epidemic.

It is not accidental that it was poetess Valery Louz who was chosen for the sheep experiment. The woman is an invalid; her limbs are paralyzed. However, this brave woman is a mother of two children; she studied a lot to get academic degrees in different spheres of philology, mathematics, and theoretical physics. A book of her poems is to be published at the end of December, which may serve once more to prove of Valery’s will-power and optimism.

The organizers of the action say that no harm, neither physical nor moral, will come to the experimental sheep. The paint that will be used for writing words on their backs is harmless and non-toxic. Farmers usually use this paint to mark sheep in a flock. The animals won’t be pressed to move in this or that direction, which will certainly cause no stress to them.

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