Countries in Barents Sea Region to Create Joint Cultural Internet Portal

According to the statement Kaarina Dromberg, Finland's Minister of Culture, made while speaking in the city of Oulu, Finland, at a meeting of the ministers of culture of the countries in the Barents Sea region, these states have agreed to jointly create a cultural internet portal.

She said that the regional Cultural Committee will be responsible for setting up the portal. The exact timetables will become clear as the sources of financing are found. The members of the project hope for the support of the European Union under the Interreg programme, the national budgets of the member countries being insufficient. For instance, in the state budget of Finland, the the financing of cultural programmes amounts to less than 1%.

The beginning of Euro-Arctic cooperation in the Barents Sea region between Finland, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland dates back to nearly a decade ago. Over this time, a large number of projects and a common strategy have been devised. Now, Mrs. Dromberg believes, is the time for their wide-scale practical realisation with a skillful use of financing afforded by the European Union.

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