Sweden is in strong need on more porn on television

One of the most actual problems of Sweden is the constant decrease of the birth rate in the country. This issue is of great concern to Swedish politicians. They keep setting forth some projections in order to improve the situation.

One of the latest suggestions was made by the spokeswoman of the party of Christian democrats, Teres Kirpikly. She said that the demographic situation could be improved very easily – by showing more pornography on television.

Kirpikly, 35, the mother of three kids, is sure that the major reason of such sad birth indexes was the disregard of having sex. The sway of Puritanism on television played a big role in this respect. She believes that the majority of Swedish television programs do not inspire people to make love to each other and to improve the demographic situation in the country.

That is why, there is a strong need to include frivolous programs and pornographic movies in television broadcasts. The statement from the Christian democracy caused a little scandal within the party. One of the party members even offered Teres to leave. Yet, Terest was not at all frightened with that. She is sure that the majority of the Swedish people like porno, although there are a few of them, who can say that out loud.

She said that there was nothing immoral for a family couple to see a porno movie: “Me and my husband like doing that, and we would advise others to do the same.”

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