One of the world's fattest people dies in Russia

One of the world's fattest men dies in Russia

Sixty-year-old Leonid Andreev weighed 280 kg (671,29 lbs). For the last five years, the man lived in the Tyumen region of Russia. He could not leave the house because he could not move around independently.

Doctors told the man that his weight was increasing due to metabolic disorders. The man repeatedly tried to get medical help, but doctors simply could not hospitalise him due to his weight. They would only prescribe injections, medications and leave.

The man weighed only 70 kilograms (154 lbs) when he returned from the army. He started gaining weight quickly afterwards. He gained 40 kilograms (88 lbs) in just a few months upon his return from the army. Just ten years ago, Leonid was fond of hunting and had a small farm of his own: pigs, a cow, a calf and a vegetable garden. The man did not have his own children, but he had raised his ex-wife's nephew from infancy. Leonid took the boy into custody when the child was only nine months. Fourteen years later, other relatives took him away. Leonid gave up on himself. He weighed 280 kilograms at 60. He stopped getting out of bed and did not leave the house for five years. Click here to see pictures.

Leonid's sister was a helping hand for five years, but she was not a frequent visitor as she also had health problems.

The man was dreaming to lose at least 50 kilograms and move to a new apartment. His dreams were not destined to come true: he died or cardiac arrest on November 17.

Leonid Andreev was born and raised in the town of Armizonsky. He was the youngest child in the family. Leonind had four siblings, and all of them had metabolic disorders, although his parents did not have any body weight issues.

The man's excessive weight led to the development of other ailments, such as blood pressure and heart problems. He quit working when he could not longer endure it physically. The man was only 55 at the time. He was married twice. His first wife did not wait for her husband to return from the army. Leonid divorced his second wife after 20 years of marriage because of her addiction to alcohol.

"I used to drink quite a lot myself,” Leonid once said in a conversation with publication. "I quit drinking immediately when my heart started aching. I haven't drunk for 15 years. I don't smoke either. I can brag. I quit in one day."

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One of the world's fattest men dies
Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov