Scientist warn: wasps get dangerous in August and September

The cool weather that has set in is unlikely to deter wasps which have lately been a plague for a majority of Russians. Moreover, wasps will become "especially dangerous" in August and September, biologists from the Russian Academy of Sciences report.

Despite the fall in temperature, wasps are getting increasingly aggressive. The explanation is simple: wasps have the mating season in late summer--early spring. Female insects get particularly nervous and tend to see a threat in everything.

Not to attract wasps, you'd better not use flower-scenting perfume and step aside instead of waving your hands when wasps are flying near you, biologists advice.

Experts claim that wasps like sweet and protein products. That's why wasps are frequent guests at stores and shops selling sugar and meat products, scientists explain. Three people bitten by wasps have died in Vladimir (the centre of the Vladimir region, near the Moscow region).

According to experts, the number of wasps will only increase in the future because of the climate warming.

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