Giant cucumbers attack Ukraine

A housewife in the Ukrainian city of Ternopol has cultivated really huge cucumbers which are two meters long. Specialists say, this is not the limit. The woman had bought regular cucumber seeds in spring. It is quite natural that she expected to see habitual cucumbers in the garden, not more.

The woman says: “There have been lots of blossoms all the spring long, no cucumbers at all. We haven’t visited the garden for quite a long time, but when we came we saw the cucumbers were enormous.”

Specialists say, the plant is called Laginaria which has been brought from South and East Asia. Its vegetables can be eaten when they are still unripe.

A botanist from the Ternopol teacher’s training college says that only practice can demonstrate if the plant is viable in the Ukrainian climate. He says, it is also possible to make plates and dishes from such huge cucumbers, like people in African and Asiatic countries do.

The woman who cultivated the huge cucumbers isn’t going to make plates, but will can them for the winter instead.

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