A whore is a man’s best friend

Why do men pay for sex?

Because they don't want the burden of long-term relationship that will take up a lot of time and energy. Going to a prostitute is like going to a restaurant: it’s fast, comfortable, different, and you don't have to wash the dishes after your meal. Furthermore, going to a prostitute is like a session with a psychiatrist for the majority of men. Statistics says that every fourth young man is afraid to start a sexual relationship with a girl, whereas he does not feel any shame with a prostitute. In addition to that, prostitutes are like a taboo, which adds more hazard to the whole thing. Even if a man is happily married, there will be a time when he will crave something new. Needless to mention, there are also a few wives who also would like to try a new flavor. A hooker makes a man’s dreams come true, and it definitely helps to save families.

Sex is very affordable these days, and the most ancient profession is still in high demand. Generations of women keep asking the following question: “Why do men pay for sex when they can get it for free?”

First of all, it just so happens that a woman doesn't need as much sex as a man, especially a woman that has been with a man for ten years. A man’s head can function normally only when his penis is relaxed and satisfied. A penis is basically satisfied only 3.5 minutes after a sexual intercourse. Then, it starts all over again. This small body part dictates to a man where to go and who to grab. Puritan women are not good for this, as they can get knocked up and there might be scenes of hysterics and so on and so forth. Having a rest with a prostitute is a lot easier: there is no man who thinks that it is called cheating. You pay her in the morning, and, in the evening, you can watch TV and have a can of beer without the threat of sperm ejaculation. You can even help your wife with the housework: she will be very pleased with it all.

A man is not a romantic all of the time. Sometimes, a man simply wants to have sex without any stipulations, conditions, or strings attached. Men use love to get sex, that’s all. This is an issue of sexual relationships. Sometimes, he is too lazy to show that he is interested in his wife, but he still has the desire to have sex. The best way out is to go and find a hooker. She will need nothing in return, just a few dollars.

A man never fails to have an orgasm, and he definitely enjoys the process. However, sometimes it is too hard to take a wife to the peak of pleasure. You will either have to work your ass off, or just not even try. Things are different when it comes to sex with a prostitute. She gets no pleasure, but she gets the money. If a man does not satisfy his wife, he will have to look her in the eyes the next morning anyway (most likely, he will have to cook breakfast for himself as well). With a prostitute, there is no need to worry: it's a hello-and-goodbye issue. By sleeping with a prostitute, a man protects his wife from disappointment, neurosis, and other negative consequences of his sexual selfishness.

A man is a humble creature. Sometimes, men are too shy to ask their wives to do this, to do that, to bend this way, or bend over. What if she does not like it? A prostitute’s fee includes all the variations and requests. About 27% of men do not have oral sex with their wives, because they consider it dirty and humiliating themselves. It’s like, “and then she will kiss my children with those lips?” Off they go to look for an oral pleasure with a whore.

In 1941, several hundreds of New York prostitutes were sent to special camps in order to satisfy American soldiers and protect them from sexually transmitted diseases. The majority of prostitutes say that they do not enjoy their sex with their clients. Forty-seven percent of young men said that they started their sex lives with a visit to a hooker. Three-thirds of contacts with prostitutes are reduced to just an old-fashioned blow job.

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