Here is why you should never post photos of your boarding pass or concert ticket

Seemingly harmless photos of boarding passes, apartment keys or concert tickets may put one's trip in danger and indulge thieves.

Fraudsters may gain access to passenger's personal information by having a photo of their boarding pass. Having such information as passenger's full name and their ticket number, they can access passenger's booking account and obtain passport data, their telephone number and contact email. This information will be enough to change booking settings or even cancel a trip, Arguments and Facts newspaper said.

It is strongly recommended not to publish photos that display one's personal information, such as name, birthdate, ticket number or the barcode. To crown it all, perpetrators may access payment details, including the last four numbers of one's bank card.

When you post a photo of your concert ticket on social media, you give fraudsters an opportunity to copy your barcode and go to the concert instead of you. They can reconstruct even a blurred photo, on which the barcode may not be visible very well.

Uploading photos of keys to your apartment or car may give swindlers an opportunity to make their duplicate on a 3D printer. Having the key, they can easily find out the whereabouts of either the car or the apartment to rob their owner.


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