Siberian tiger kills man out of revenge in Russia

Siberian tiger kills man out of revenge

A tiger is believed to have killed a man, who went missing several days ago in the Khabarovsk region of Russia (the Far East), Interfax reports with reference to the press service of the regional Ministry for Internal Affairs.

"Fragments of a human body with traces of a predator attack were found in the woods. Most likely, it was a tiger that killed the man," officials said.

The nature of injuries on the body indicates that the man fell victim to a tiger, rather than any other predator. "The body was found near the village of Boytsovo. The man went to the forest to collect pine nuts and disappeared on October 28," representatives of local authorities said.

Spokespeople for the Amur Tiger Center for the protection of the rare Siberian tiger species said that such behavior is not typical of the Amur tiger. Nevertheless, according to preliminary information, a young predator, aged about two to three years, attacked the man unexpectedly, inflicting him fatal injuries.

Sergei Aramilev, the chairman of the Amur Tiger Center, said that specialists of his organization would look into the situation. According to him, the tiger may have behaved so on account of an injury that the animal could receive from man in the past. "A wounded tiger may take revenge and even attack humans after a while," Aramilev said.


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