Icelandic singer claims that Lars von Trier harassed her

Bjork destroys Lars von Trier's career

Against the background of the sexual scandal around one of the most influential (now formerly) Hollywood producers Harvey Weinstein, Icelandic singer and actress Bjork decided to share her sad experience and said that she also had fallen a victim of harassment on the part of a Danish director. Bjork had appeared in the motion picture of only one Danish director - Lars von Trier. Reporters immediately concluded that  the media concluded that the singer was talking about her long-time foe who was working with her in "Dancing in the Dark" in 2000.

On her Facebook page, Bjork wrote that she had to work and struggle hard to earn independence and credibility in the world of music. Her experience in the film industry allowed her to understand that sexual harassment was normal there. The singer listed a number of encounters during the filming that she considered acts of sexual harassment.

"During the whole filming process there were constant awkward paralysing unwanted whispered sexual offers from him with graphic descriptions, sometimes with his wife standing next to us," Bjork wrote. "While filming in Sweden , he threatened to climb from his room's balcony over to mine in the middle of the night with a clear sexual intention , while his wife was in the room next door. I escaped to my friends room. This was what finally woke me up to the severity of all this and made me stand my ground," she added.

Bjork said that it was her inner strength and the lack of acting ambition that helped her resist the humiliation of the experience. She recalled that she grew up in Iceland, a country where gender equality is close to ideal.

"I didn't comply or agree on being sexually harassed. That was then portrayed as me being difficult. If being difficult is standing up to being treated like that, I'll own it," she concluded.


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