Terrifying monument to toothache installed in St. Petersburg dental clinic

The monument to toothache, created by St. Petersburg artist Mariana Shumkova, was installed in "Good Dentist Clinic" in St. Petersburg.

According to St. Petersburg publication Bumaga, the figure was created with the use of human teeth that were removed from patients as part of "Teeth for Health" campaign.

According to the author, she deliberately made the monument frightening and realistic, with "deformed features of the human face." According to the artist, "it is only a strong emotional impact that can make a person think about such a simple and ordinary thing as hygiene."

Undoubtedly, the most shocking aspect of the work is the combination of artificial materials and natural human teeth, Shumkova said.

For the time being, the monument to toothache remains in the dental clinic, but it can be exhibited in other public places too.


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