Over Half Russia's Citizens Sympathise with Young Draft Evaders

Most respondents (86%) in the social poll conducted by the Public Opinion foundation believe Russia's young do not want to serve in the army. Over half of them (53%) sympathise with draft evaders while just 35% do not.

A large number of respondents (42%) believe that the lack of willingness on the part of the young to serve in the army is due to unhealthy conditions existing there, while only 9% think that this is because army service is dangerous and (16%) there is a chance to have to fight. Besides, 6% of all respondents said serving in the army meant 'wasting one's time senselessly' and 1% answered that serving in the army was 'not prestigious'.

Most respondents (68%) also noted that desertions had lately become more frequent. Many say this is due to widespread unhealthy relationships (44%) and unhealthy living conditions (28%). Also, 16% of all respondents think that desertions are due to soldiers' personal problems. While on the whole 53% sympathise with draft evaders, 60% of women justify the youth's unwillingness to serve. While 28% of all respondents condemn evaders, men (36%) do so more frequently. 34% of all respondents condemning evaders are people who never graduated from high school.

The total number of respondents in this poll conducted throughout Russia was 1,500.