Japan Goes Through Lavatory War

Real toilet wars started in the Japanese capital this year. Matsushita designed a new lavatory seat which measures amount of fat in a human body.

However, engineers from Inax, a rival company, don’t consider it a sensation at all. They designed a WC pan that glimmers in the dark and flings the pan lid open when it feels an approaching human. Client is also offered to listen to some music: bird singing, waterfall sounds, bells or Japanese harp.

In response, Matsushita designed a 3,000-dollar WC pan which not only greets guests with its lid open, but even has an installed conditioner for summer and heater for winter. Following the incredible innovations, Toto, the Japanese toiletry giant, produced WellyouII, the WC pan which automatically tests sugar content in urine.

Another invention of Matsushita is a pan which washes and massages your buttocks with water.

Very soon, talking pans will appear: new models are equipped with micro-chips and can greet guests when they enter lavatory. There can be some recommendations from mom or nanny for children. Besides, people can even say commands to the pan, for instance, “Want some hot water” or “Want the water pressure stronger.”

Specialists say that medical WC pans connected to the Internet will considerably increase sales. A Matsushita engineer says: “We want to equip the pan with devices for measuring weight, quantity of fat, blood pressure, pulse, sugar content in blood, blood and albumin content in urine.” All tests will be immediately sent to doctors via Internet to have opinion about health of the patients. NTVRu.com

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