Are animals baptized?

The Christian church suddenly realized that homo sapiens only were not enough for it, and it decided to focus on animals. The Episcopal Anglican Church began regular ceremonial consecration of animals when prayers composed especially for this purpose are read. A ceremony of a Siberian tiger consecration was held in the American Cathedral in Paris. Reverend Sharon Gracen (over half of the American clergy are women) sprinkled holy water at a three-month-old tiger cub named Oman. And the animal disliked the procedure: while the Reverend was saying the prayers and sprinkling the holy water, the tiger cub growled and showed its sharp teeth. But the procedure made the cub’s owner, French Remi Demante, really happy: now he knows that the pet is sprinkled with holy water which is to protect it from troubles and misfortunes. Hen-eagle named Klara was also blessed together with the tiger cub.

The Anglican Church has been organizing such ceremonies for ten years already. At the very beginning, the ceremonies were mostly local; but this year the tenth anniversary is celebrated all over the world. Owners of domestic animals who belong to the Episcopal Anglican Church bring their pets to cathedrals for blessing. A special prayer was composed especially for animals to be read during services in the churches.

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