Russia's Citizens Say Government Should Respond to Terrorist Attack with Decisive Action in Chechnya

In the express-poll conducted by All-Russian Centre for the Study of Public Opinion, over half of all Respondents (54%) believe that authority should respond to the latest hostage taking in Moscow with decisive action in Chechnya. The remaining 36% believe the opposite.

As to who is responsible for the attack, 45% of all respondents name Chechen militants, 43% say that Russia's special services and the Federal Security Service are responsible, and 15% say Russia's government continuing the military operation in Chechnya is to blame.

Most Respondents (36%) say that, while the hostage-taking incident continued, they were angry, 34% say they felt anxiety and fear, 10% felt aversion, and 9% sympathized with the hostage takers. Also, 85% of the respondents approved of the way President Putin had handled the situation, 72% approved of the conduct of the government of Russia, 82% approved of the way Russia's special services acted, 76% approved of reporters, and 72% approved of the governments of the US and European states.

As 17% of respondents believe, in a hostage taking situation, negotiations with the leaders of Chechen militants are possible through international intermediaries, 17% believe that promising life and freedom to such criminals is correct, and 11% think that promising to publicise their demands is in order. However, 55% firmly say that any concessions to terrorists are not admissible.

The number of respondents in the express-poll conducted in 83 cities, towns, and villages in 33 regions of Russia was 1,600. The statistical error should not exceed 3.8%.

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