Crocodile swallows woman's cell phone and starts ringing in Ukraine

43142.jpegA 14-year-old crocodile is off his food and feeling down after swallowing a mobile phone dropped by a woman trying to photograph him at an aquarium in the Ukraine.

Workers at the aquarium initially didn't believe Rimma Golovko when she complained that the crocodile - Gena - had swallowed her phone.

"But then the phone started ringing and the sound was coming from inside our Gena's stomach and we understood she wasn't lying," said an employee, Irish Times reports.

Gena has found smart phone ownership somewhat depressing. He has not eaten anything or had a dump for four weeks. He never smiles and appears to be in pain.

He also won't play with three fellow African crocodiles, despite being the group leader. He moves very little and swims much less.

The quacks tried to feed him live quail injected with vitamins and a laxative, but, while Gena killed one he did not bother eating it. We had the same effect when we owned a Nokia so we understand.

The Tame Apple press claims that the croc would have been a lot happier if it had swallowed an iPhone. We guess that it would have fallen to bits easier, or the croc's digestive system would have just defecated it at high speed. Still it is has been a bad couple of years for Nokia. and a bit sad that even a crocodile does not really want one of its shiny toys, TechEye says.


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