Russia develops revolutionary vaccine against cancer as US slams the lab door

US stops research into new cancer treatment in Russia

The United States has stopped research into new cancer treatments in Russia, Andrey Kaprin, oncologist at the Russian Ministry of Health, General Director of the National Medical Research Center of Radiology said.

According to the expert, the United States independently refused to continue research into new cancer therapy. In particular, the US stopped cooperation on protocols. The corresponding decision of the United States has not affected cancer patients in Russia. On the contrary, domestic fundamental science was given a powerful impetus for development, he noted.

"The most important thing that we have come to realise is that we need to create our own,” said the oncologist.

Russia develops mRNA vaccine against cancer

Russian scientists already work to create drugs for cancer and they have already done a lot for this, Andrey Karpin said.

"Indeed, a universal technology has been created that allows us to solve literally all the problems of oncology. One needs to decide how it is going to be implemented in practice,” the head of the Gamaleya Center, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Ginzburg said.

According to him, Russian specialists developed a therapeutic vaccine against cancer on the basis of mRNA technology. The vaccine will be administered to people who already have cancer. The drugs are to be developed for each patient individually, taking into account their peculiarities.

In addition, Gunzburg noted that the effectiveness of the drug depends on the route of administration. Most likely, the vaccine will be injected intramuscularly or directly into the tumor so that the drug is distributed evenly throughout the body.

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Editor Dmitry Sudakov