Scientists catch faceless fish that has no scales

Exploring a deep-sea trench from northern Tasmania to the coast of Queensland, Australian scientists came across a fish "without a face."

To explore the depths that in some places reach four kilometers, the scientists used the CSIRO research vessel.

Exploring the deep-sea trench with the help of cameras, the scientists came across many bizarre creatures. "

"On the video camera we saw a kind of chimaera that whizzed by-that's very, very rare in Australian waters. We've seen a fish with photosensitive plates that sit on the top of its head, tripod fish that sit up on their fins and face into the current," Di Bray from Museums Victoria said, ABC News reports.

During the mission, the scientists caught the fish that completely lacks the "face."  One can see its nostrils and mouth, but the fish has no eyes at all. The researchers believe that the eyes sit deep under the skin and are therefore not visible.

The unusual fish lacks scales in its classical form, as well as ventral and caudal fins.

The researchers believe that the fish has no eyes because the creature lives in absolute darkness, where one does not need to have any eyes.

The last time such a fish was caught in the 1870s in the Coral Sea.


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