US admits: Fracking causes earthquakes

The US seismologists have found out relation of wastewater injections in drilling to earthquakes due to satellite radars. Scientists believe that mining will continue provoking earthquakes, as they reported in the article published in the Science.

Since 2008 the seismic activity in the US has grown. The scientists connect it with wastewater injections in drilling for oil and gas, which generates increase of the hydrodynamic pressure. As a result it leads to rupture and uplift of the ground. And that can be registered from a satellite.

Seismologists have thoroughly studied seismic activity in the eastern part of Texas, and estimated changes at a range of wells. The observance was carried out in 2007, 2010, and 2014.

The results confirmed that earthquakes like that in Texas in 2014 were generated by wastewater injections. The scientists believe that satellites may improve forecasts of the man-made earthquakes.

Pravda.Ru reported, that the shale gale in the US also caused health problems to people who live not far from the wells. In Pennsylvania, where the most active development is taking place, the number of hospitalized people because of heart diseases has grown.


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