Purpose of the experiment with attaching the head to new body is immortality-transplantologist

The Italian transplantologist who has claimed that he could transplant a man's head onto a donor's body has said that he could do much of the procedure in less than an hour.

The procedure - which Canavero has admitted is just a first step towards his ultimate aim of creating immortality - will see a man's head removed and placed on a donor's body.

That will see the man's head get cooled down - as it is when doctors operate on some parts of the brain - and switched onto the different body. Doctors will then have a few minutes to attach the blood vessels and the whole thing will take less then an hour, Canavero said.

Sergio Canavero, plans this year to carry out an operation to transplant the head of a Russian programmer Valery Spirdonov suffering from a rare genetic disease that caused the muscles atrophy and the consciousness of the patient is getting worse every year. Pravda.Ru reported about the true purpose of his research experiment.

After that, the full joining process could take up to 24 hours. Canavero said that it would be carried out by a team of doctors to ensure that none of them got tired, and that doctors and surgeons from around the world had enquired about joining that team.

Canavero said that he will explain the procedure in depth at a neurosurgeons' conference on June 12. "I'll prove it is totally possible to all the sceptics there," he told Mail Online.

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