Ig Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to British Royal Navy

The Ig Nobel prizes are awarded every year by Harvard University, USA, to honour individuals whose deeds cannot, or should not, be repeated. The awards ceremony always has real Nobel Prizewinners present. These are referred to as the others, from the Swedish Academy. In yesterday’s ceremony, the IgNobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Royal Navy, which ordered its sailors to save money on bullets and cannon during training exercises by shouting BANG! instead of firing. The IgNobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to four Dutch nvestigators who wrote a paper studying the Magnetic resonance images on masculine and feminine genitals during the sexual act. The Australian author Jasmuheen received the IgNobel Literature prize.. This lady wrote Living on Light, a thesis which claims that the human being can live on light and does not need to eat or drink. The IgNobel Biology Prize was awarded to the US investigator Richard Wasserburg for his article : The comparative tastes of certain tadpoles from Costa Rica. Finally, the IgNobel Public Health Prize was given to Jonathan Wyatt for his article studying The collapse of the public toilet system in the city of Glasgow.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Lissabon

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