Dmitry Litvinovich: America is starting a new crusade

George Bush delivered a traditional speech pertaining to the situation in the country at the join session of the two chambers of the US Congress. The State of the Union speech lasted for 45 minutes, and its main ideas were basically about winning the war against terrorism, protecting the country, and raising the American economy.

Since the first two objectives are directly connected with the anti-terrorist operation, the biggest part of the speech was devoted to this problem. “Our nation is at war, our economy is in recession, and the civilized world faces unprecedented dangers. Yet, the state of our union has never been stronger."

George Bush enthusiastically enumerated the accomplishments of the United States that were gained under his personal direction. The president's speech was so emotional that the congressmen could not help but applaud to the speaker. Bush said that the American nation started being recreated in New York and the Pentagon, set up a grand coalition, seized thousands of terrorists and destroyed their training camps in Afghanistan, and saved it from hunger, releasing the country from the brutal suppression. “Our embassy in Kabul is under the American flag again. The terrorists, who were occupying Afghanistan, are now the captives of Guantanamo base, the terrorists’ leaders are fleeing,” – said the president.

There is no enemy that is able to slip away from the brave Americans. Only America can now decide where the enemy is and where the friend is, and if it finds the enemy, then it will not be possible to avoid America's retaliation. Nevertheless, as Bush emphasized, the war against terrorism is not over; it is just getting started. Hundreds of guerrillas have been arrested, but there are thousands of them free: “This enemy considers the whole world to be a battlefield, so we will get them, no matter where they are.” Bush recalled that terrorist camps are still located on the territories of several countries. “If those countries are not going to take measure, then America will take them,” – claimed Bush.

After that, Bush’s speech became rather strange. The American president said that it was the USA that had won the war in Afghanistan, brought peace back to this country, and saved the whole nation from starvation.

George Bush must have forgotten that it was not only America that destroyed the Taliban. What about the Northern Alliance and the Pashtuns? Speaking about the starvation, we are sorry, but it was the help from the World Food Organization, working under the UN’s aegis. Russia has contributed a lot as well, and it is still shipping food stuffs and medicines to Afghanistan; however, Bush did not mention this for some reason.

At the end of the address, the president brought his entire anger down on the so-called "rogue" nations: “Our goal is to prevent the terrorist-funding regimes from threatening America or our allies with weapons of mass destruction. Some of these regimes have been rather quite after the events of September 11, but we are aware of their true nature. North Korea is a regime that is armed both with missiles and weapons of mass destruction, with its citizens starving at that. Iraq is actively aspiring to have such defense systems, to export the terror, publicly showing its hostility to America, and is supporting terrorism. The Iraqi regime has been actively working on bacteriological and nuclear weapons. This is the regime that consented with the presence of the international inspections, but then cast the inspectors out of the country, since the regime had something to hide from the civilized world.”

America is starting a new crusade. Bush does not care about the expenses of the army, having increased the military budget of the United States. The American soldiers now look like the missionaries, carrying the liberal values of the West to the ignorant savages. There is only one question: are the ignorant savages eager to adopt such values?

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov