Russian general: Security forces will find out who operated the drone

Kremlin drone strike could test Moscow air defences - General Lipovoy

The attack on the Kremlin with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles could be needed to test Moscow's air defence systems, Major General Sergey Lipovoy said in an interview with Telegram channel.

The drone could be launched from somewhere in the Moscow region. It could be flying at the lowest possible altitude, about 300-400 meters above the ground. High-rise buildings could play the role of shadow protection for the UAV to reach the very centre of Moscow.

"The minimum size of the object does not matter now as we have multilayer air defences. We have thermal imaging, night vision systems for monitoring strategic objects in Moscow, so any object the size of a bird will be detected,” Lipovoy said.

One can assemble UAVs in any garage these days from a piece of plywood, a pair of electric motors and a control unit, he noted.

Security forces will figure it out who assembled and operated the drone that attacked the Kremlin on May 3 at night, the general said.

On May 3, Ukraine allegedly tried to use two UAVs to attack Putin's Kremlin residence in Moscow. One of the drones crashed into the roof of the Senate Palace of the Kremlin. No now was hurt, no damage was reported either. Putin was not staying inside the Kremlin at the moment of the incident, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov