Russia sends six warships loaded with unknown arms to the Black Sea

Russia's six large landing ships travel to Black Sea

Six large landing ships of the Russian Navy are heading to the Black Sea.

Representative for the Swedish Ministry of Defense said that six Russian large landing ships, fully loaded with unknown weapons, were seen in the waters of the Baltic Sea, which moved towards the Black Sea.

Russia has never sent such a large number of large landing ships to the Black Sea. This caused serious concerns in the West, especially against the background of the fact that Russia has deployed military field camps near the eastern borders of Ukraine, and sent troops to the territory of the neighboring state of Belarus as part of preparations for military exercises that are to take place in February.

According to the Swedish Ministry of Defense, six large landing ships that are currently traveling towards the Black Sea:

  • George the Victorious;
  • Minsk;
  • Kaliningrad;
  • Korolev;
  • Pyotr Morgunov;
  • Olenegorsky Miner.

It remains unknown what exactly the Russian ships are carrying on board, but given the draft of the latter, it goes about a heavy load.

It was originally reported that some of the large landing ships that set off on a mission from the Baltic Sea could be heading towards Latin America. However, it later turned out that the Russian ships were traveling towards the Black Sea.

The Russian Navy has not released any official comments in this regard.

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