UFOs Down Planes

Mysterious plane crashes that can never be explained

Everyone is used to news about plane crashes. This kind of tragedy has already become a usual thing to hear about. Nevertheless, governmental committees nearly always conclude that this or that air crash happened due to a technical malfunction or a pilot’s mistake. Sometimes, a crash remains a mystery forever.

Some mysterious accidents happen due to something totally unbelievable, or anomalous, as ufologists say. Therefore, what kind of anomalous events can be dangerous for planes? They are UFOs, balls of lightening, meteorites, energy fields that humans know nothing about, or even unknown forms of life in the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Is there anything funny about such a supposition? Well, a person is entitled to believe anything he wants. Let’s try to find out as much as we can anyway.

First of all, planes can be downed by UFOs. We will not dwell on the origins of these objects. It is a fact, though, that they are present in the skies of our planet. This has been proved so many times with video tapes, photographs, and radar systems. The vast majority of ufologists believe that UFOs do not show any aggression against civil planes. In this connection, they are basically safe. However, there were six accidents registered during the period of 1991-1993, when UFOs were flying very close to passenger jets.

In the beginning of 1995, a Boeing 737 crew was shocked when the plane was about to slam into a triangle-shaped UFO, which flew past the jetliner at a very high speed. The same year, the crew of another Boeing 737 plane saw a ball-like object on a radar screen. The flight security system of the plane gave a warning of a possible collision. A UFO’s friendliness can be rather problematic. According to a well-known Russian ufologist, Vladimir Azhazha, a plane disappeared in Siberia in April of the year 1970. About 20 large UFOs were registered on the site of the plane’s supposed crash.

UFOs and fighter planes are a completely different subject to talk about. Fighter planes are supposed to down all kinds of trespassers, which inevitably leads to conflicts situations when it comes to UFOs. In 1967, there was an unidentified spherical object seen above Cuba. Two MiG-21 planes were ordered to pursue and down the mysterious trespasser. However, all the navigation equipment of the jets went out of order, including missiles and targeting systems. The UFO did not like the pilots’ persistence, because the plane, which got too close to it, blew up. A Russian Su-27 vanished in 1992 in Russia’s Far East. No one knows what happened to it.

Balls of lightning also pose a big threat to planes, and this danger can hardly be rejected even by disbelievers. A plane was damaged with ball of lightning in 1981 at a height of 1300 meters. Boris Korotkov, the pilot of the plane, said that the lightning was huge – about five meters in diameter. Nevertheless, Korotkov managed to land the plane and remained alive. It is worth mentioning here that such large balls of lightening can also be categorized as an anomalous phenomenon. A meteorite not destroyed completely in the atmosphere can also be very dangerous to planes. It is not ruled out that several mysterious crashes were caused by meteorites.

A Tu-154 passenger jetliner disappeared in 1995, a Boeing 737 blew up in the air not far from New York in the summer of 1996, and a MiG-31 pursuit plane burned in the air in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia. The pilots of all those planes did not report any malfunctions or state of emergency. Everything was going normal, and then a plane would disappear from radar screens, that's all. The flight recorders found after such strange crashes actually said the same: normal flights and then no records at all. Catastrophes happened all of a sudden.

Engineer Yevgeny Voronin from St. Petersburg offered his own theory to explain such tragedies. As he thinks, certain kinds of energy fields can fall in the Earth atmosphere from space. If a plane finds itself inside such an electromagnetic field, all of its equipment and black boxes stops working, and the plane starts spinning and then blows up. The fragments of a plane can be scattered over a very extensive area.

There is also a hypothesis, according to which active zones of the Earth crust (geological splits and their crossings) sometimes produce powerful energy bursts. These bursts then causes eddy flows and other anomalous phenomena in the atmosphere. If a plane flies above the site of the ejection, it will inevitably crash.

A man-made factor is also a reason of unexpected plane crashes. However, a situation, which is caused by this factor can be anomalous at times as well. This includes incidental or unauthorized missile launches, flying into a weapon-testing area, radiation, etc. An American professor determined that automatic piloting of planes is sometimes disabled with an incidental electromagnetic impulse from powerful ground antennas. Malfunctions can also be caused by battle planes that generate those impulses.

There are two other possible reasons for such crashes, but may people won’t believe them. The first one is connected with the evil eye. There can be a longer title given to it too: “distant extrasensory impact on a human being with the goal of causing damage to health.”

It is not ruled out that flight crews can be subjected to this kind of impact, when someone wants a plane to crash for some reason. There have been articles published stating that extrasensory individuals can exert distant influence on electric devices and computers.

As far as unknown forms of life in the upper layers of atmosphere are concerned, a weird accident happened to a small private plane in 1964 in Alaska. The pilot of that plane sent a SOS and managed to say something about very bright light and some weird creature in the sky. Then the connection stopped.

A satellite took a picture of a strange throbbing amoeba-like form, which looked like a living object. The satellite registered the creature in the upper layers of the Earth atmosphere. Ufologists believe that there are some unknown forms of life that inhabit the atmosphere of our planet. Time will tell if it is true or not.

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