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British police find helicopter wreckage crash

The wreckage of a private helicopter, disappeared on a flight from Liverpool overnight, have been found by police and rescue services. All on board must be dead.

Faye Adkin, of Carter and Carter Group PLC of Nottingham, said the helicopter was carrying businessman Phillip Carter, honorary vice-president of Chelsea Football Club, the pilot and two or three other passengers.

The aircraft took off from John Lennon airport in Liverpool at about 11 p.m. local time, and disappeared about an hour later.

Bodies were found at the scene of the wreckage, and Cambridgeshire police Detective Superintendent John Raine said all on board - likely four people - appeared to have died. The Department for Transport said a team from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch had been dispatched to the site.

Philip Carter is listed as one of eight vice-presidents of the Chelsea club, but the position does not make him an official of the club and does not entitle him to a seat on the Blues board of directors.