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Jim Clark: An American View

I have just discovered your site and find it a wonderful alternative news source. I am a 47 year old, conservative Republican with a college degree in history. I believe that only by viewing all sources can a "best guess" be achieved on what is actually happening around the world. I spent many years in Germany and found that the news in the German papers often differed from the American version. I consider your news site a new addition to my sources.

If you have any questions on what a "typical" American feels about a subject feel free to inquire. An example would be the comment on your site about the Wall Street Journal suggesting you give Eastern Asia to China. It might make sense from a strictly economic viewpoint but has geopolitical realities that most likely out weigh it. Most Americans would feel that China is far large enough and does not need any help in making it larger. It would be a far better course in the longer view for Russia to hold on to those resources until the time when you can make use of them. The question is not if Russia will become a World economic power but only when. For two hundred years Americans have said that China would "someday" become an economic power. It only took longer than we thought. Hopefully Russia will move faster than that. A large number of Americans believe that a "high tide raises all ship" and the better our competitors do the better for all.

Nice finding your site, Jim Clark Newfield, New York, USA