Oleg Deripaska says everything he thinks about US establishment

Russian entrepreneur Oleg Deripaska made a few comments about the raids of his relatives' houses in the United States of America. He posted the comments on his Telegram channel, which, as it is believed, he runs personally.

The message that Deripaska posted contains obscene language.

"Watching everything that happens in America, I never cease to be amazed at transcendental stupidity of a part of the American establishment (which at times reminds me of our beau monde from the Central Bank), which persistently continues to spin this tale about the allegedly colossal role of the Russians in the 2016 US presidential elections."

Deripaska continued his message listing the "failures" that the United States experienced in foreign and domestic policies. He particularly made references to the amount of the US debt and China's plans to annex Taiwan. He also wondered whether the FBI agents, who raided his homes, found a lot of "Putin's money" and whether they managed to have some "sour jam and vodka."

“P.S. I'm fed up with these a**holes, not funny,” Deripaska wrote at the end of his message. 

US homes belonging to Oleg Deripaska's relatives were raided on October 19. Deripaska's representatives said that the raids were related to the sanctions that the United States imposed on Deripaska. US media said that the searches were carried out as part of a criminal case, which  Deripaska's representatives subsequently denied. 

The US authorities imposed sanctions against Oleg Deripaska and his three companies En+, UC Rusal and Eurosibenergo in 2018. After Deripaska relinquished control over the assets, the sanctions from the companies were lifted, but personal sanctions against Deripaska himself remained in force. According to Reuters, Deripaska had been investigated for money laundering and accused of threatening rivals, illegal wiretapping, extortion and racketeering.

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