EU to get rid of cash – new economic totalitarian regime

Brussels is going to bring about new steps in order to cope with the debts of European bank reserves. It decided not to undertake any further reforms to tackle the existing economic problems but rather to get rid of all cash.

To maintain the euro, they must maintain the banks. But the bank reserves consist of debts of all member states. As government becomes insolvent as in Greece, the banking system is undermined. The only way to prevent the banking collapse is to prevent people from withdrawing cash. Hence, we see this trend surfacing all the mainstream press to get the people ready for what is coming after 2015. We can even evidence this approach in major parts of Germany.

There will be no ability to buy or sell anything without government approval. That is where we are going and this may be the major event that erupts after 2015.

Thus, the European banking system may face totalitarian regime.

The bail-in that took place in Cyprus has further encouraged governments to safely continue on the course.

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