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Audio recording proves casualties in Lugansk air raid had been planned

05.06.2014 | Source:




Audio recording proves casualties in Lugansk air raid had been planned. 52910.jpeg

An audio recording that has appeared on the Internet, indirectly proves that the pilot, who bombed Lugansk and killed eight civilians knew what he was doing. The recording indicates that the deaths were not accidental.

It becomes clear from the pilot's remarks that there was poor visibility in the area of the combat action. However, the pilot was not even concerned either about the presence of residential buildings nearby, or the possible presence of civilians in the center of Lugansk.

Having fired the missiles, the pilot requested an explanation on what targets exactly the missiles struck. "Let them tell me from the ground if the direction was correct. There are residential quarters near. Was the direction correct? the pilot said.

It then comes clear from the dialogue that one of the engines of the aircraft came out of order. "Fire of right engine" is on and off. I'm in the clouds now, don't see any smoke yet," the pilot said.

Many people tried to identify the pilots. It is hard to believe that the pilots could not see the target that they were bombing. There are suggestions that it was a "fairly experienced pilot," who "found the target and opened fire on it." "There are not many such pilots in the Ukrainian Air Force with their low figures of flight hours,"a user of the forum of radio and monitoring systems wrote.

On Tuesday, June 3rd, three days of mourning were declared in Lugansk for those who were killed in the air strike. OSCE experts confirmed the fact of the air raid.  


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