North Korea releases new arrangement of national anthem

North Korea is sending out a new MP3 track over the Internet.

The communist nation released an audio file with a new arrangement of its national anthem, titled the "Patriotic Song," through the official Korean Central News Agency on Wednesday. Those wanting to play along at home will not be left out, as KCNA also included the musical score.

KCNA "has the pleasure to release the files of full score and music of the 'Patriotic Song,' prompted by the desire to help all countries of the world use the national anthem of the DPRK," the agency wrote, using the abbreviation for the country's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The inclusion of the digital files is rare for KCNA, which serves as the official mouthpiece of the Pyongyang regime.

The new anthem is the same melody and key as the previous but sounds a little slower and mellower.

The words were apparently not changed, which do not mention leader Kim Jong Il or his late father, the founding ruler Kim Il Sung. The anthem praises the North as a land "packed with natural wealth" and boasts of its "wise people brought up in a culture brilliant with a history five millennia long."

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Author`s name Angela Antonova