Chavez accuses US again

The US administration is the principal threat for Venezuela today, President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday.

Dismissing bellicose actions with Guyana, with which Venezuela disputes a border zone, or with Colombia, with which "whatever problem could be settled with a telephone call and a hug", the statesman affirmed the only possible war would be against an armed US invasion.

Chavez assured he would do everything possible to avoid such a confrontation, within the principles of sovereignty espoused by himself and the Venezuelan people.

Denouncing the dirty communication war the US has launched against Venezuela, the head of state stressed that, should a US invasion occur "it would be crazy…they would certainly be defeated."

During his speech at the inauguration of the Joint Chief of State Command Course and the beginning of the military academic year, he announced a new course of military training concentrating on defense, more emphasis on the contemporary situation than strictly war theory, and a civilian-military alliance.

In this context, he noted the moral conflicts existing, such as the US proclaiming it acts for the good of Latin America while building a wall to prevent Central and South American emigration.

The Venezuelan president used the example of the 19th century revolutionary leader Exequiel Zamora, known as the General of the Sovereign People, who followed the ideals of Simon Bolivar and wore "a palmleaf hat and a military cap" symbolizing the unity of civilians and military, Prensa Latina reports.


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