Serb boy wounded in Kosovo

Dragomir Jovanovic, 17, was wounded on Nov. 30 in a drive-by shooting by unknown attackers, in Susica, near Gracanica. Dragomir was hit in the left upper arm, and was treated in the hospital in Gracanica.

Hospital director Dragan Peric said the patient sustained a bullet wound and that, after the treatment, he was not in grave danger. Momir Jovanovic, the father of the wounded Dragomir, said his son told him the shots came from a burgundy Audi A4 automobile, which drove from the direction of Susica towards Gracanica.

Susica is an ethnically mixed village and the police investigated the crime scene, Beta reports.

The Coordinating Center for Kosovo and Metohija fiercely condemned the attack, stating that the attacks proved the fact that there was no elementary security, even for children, in the region.

In the statement, the Coordinating Center for Kosovo said it has been pointing out to the fact for a while now, that each new crime additionally discouraged hope for a normal life in the province, and that the obvious failure to apprehend and punish the perpetrators was a base for destabilization and the creation of a feeling of insecurity among the citizens of Kosovo, especially the Serbs and other minorities.


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