Pentagon prepares for next war

The U.S. Pentagon has issued orders and prescriptions for the next war that will require the military to prepare a post-conflict stability plan and capability in place first.

In the future, instead of being focused primarily on combat operations, U.S. forces under the new order must be ready in foreign countries to carry out such tasks as developing political institutions, establishing judicial systems and reviving economic activities.

"Stability operations ... shall be given priority comparable to combat operations and be explicitly addressed and integrated across all" Pentagon activities, the directive says.

According to The Washington Post the revised policy is a result of failed Pentagon hopes in Iraq of being able to hand off a large share of responsibility to U.S. and foreign civilian organizations and to Iraqis.

"Many stability operations are best performed by indigenous, foreign or U.S. civilian professionals. Nonetheless, U.S. military forces shall be prepared to perform all tasks necessary to establish or maintain order when civilians cannot do so," UPI referred to the directive.


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