Sharon and aides thinks over name for new party

Just hours after Ariel Sharon formed a new, centrist party, the prime minister and his allies quibbled Tuesday as they searched for a catchy name for their new movement. The politicians were searching for a tag to convey the image of a party moving in a new direction, but one that would not be too associated with hawks or doves.

The first proposal floated Monday night, "National Responsibility," was bitterly mocked by analysts, as was "Hope." Both were scorned as juvenile, anachronistic and tacky.

"There is no party that is formed that says it won't be nationally responsible," advertising executive Eilan Varmon told Israel Radio. Apparently agreeing, Sharon ruled out "National Responsibility" as not catchy enough, the Yediot Ahronot newspaper reported Tuesday.

Israel Television said that the party, whose current identity is embodied by the prime minister, might simply call itself "Ariel." Sharon aide Lior Chorev said a new possibility was "Forward." "I think this represents Ariel Sharon," Chorev told Army Radio. "The public is expecting him to depart on a new path,” reports the AP I.L.

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