Text of statement from al-Khalayleh family

Text of statement from the family of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, or Ahmed Fadheel Nazzal al-Khalayleh, issued in Jordanian newspapers on Sunday.

"Our Lord, his Hashemite Majesty, King Abdullah II, the son of Hussein, may God protect his throne.

A greeting of dignity, esteem and admiration from your family and sons in the al-Khalayleh/Bani Hassan tribe in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan.

As we pledge to maintain homage to your throne and to our precious Jordan, to sacrifice the dear and the invaluable to you, we denounce in the clearest terms all the terrorist actions claimed by the so-called Ahmed Fadheel Nazzal al-Khalayleh, who calls himself Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

We announce, and all the people are our witnesses, that we _ the sons of the al-Khalayleh tribe _ are innocent of him and all that emanates from him, whether action, assertion or decision.

Those who dare to carry out such actions in our proud kingdom are not Jordanians and have no link whatsoever to Jordan, didn't drink its water and didn't enjoy its protection, because a Jordanian doesn't stab himself with his own spear and we sever links with him until doomsday.", AP reported. V.A.

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