U.S. struggle to save energy and oil

The Energy Department urged Americans to fight rising energy costs by driving slower, washing clothes in cold water and turning off computers when they are not in use.

"I am confident that by taking smart and responsible action to use energy more wisely, we can be successful in minimizing the pain caused by high energy prices this winter," Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman told. The plan does not call for increased fuel economy standards, a step urged by many environmentalists.

"Legislative changes, budgetary changes are things that can help months out, years out," Bodman underlined. "These are things that we believe that the American public can do today."

Bodman's plan calls for public service announcements in the media featuring the Energy Hog, the Energy Department's version of Smokey Bear.

The Energy Hog's habits will serve as an example of what the public should not do and will guide viewers to a Web site - www.ase.org/powerfulsavings - where they can find out what they should do.

Bodman said the Energy Department will also send out teams of energy efficiency experts to identify quick and easy ways to save energy. Teams will also be sent to facilities within the federal government, which is the largest consumer of energy in the United States.

President Bush has urged Americans to curtail driving whenever possible.

Some critics say the administration should be doing more to curb oil consumption, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

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