New Orleans Police haunted by corruption

An investigation is underway by the FBI as agents look into massive corruption on the state and local levels in the New Orleans Police Department, according to Fox News.

Police Chief Eddie Compass suddenly resigned on Tuesday asking media interests to respect his right to privacy, but it appears that the former New Orleans cop has a lot of explaining to do.

"It's pretty much always been known, but never openly acknowledged, that NOPD's actual numbers were far below the "official" figure of 1500 - 1700," says the Fox News source.

The number of officers that actually are employed by the department are around 900 to 1,000. The question now remains...where was all of that salary money going to?

The FBI began investigating the New Orleans police who had abandoned their post during Katrina and of the more than 500 screened so far, 84-percent don't exist.

"I served this department for 26 years and have taken it through some of the toughest times of its history. Every man in a leadership position must know when it's time to hand over the reins," says Compass at a news conference.

The investigation is widening on Wednesday to include New Orleans Police Foundation and Elodia Blanco for hiring practices as well.

Corruption was wide-spread during the Katrina aftermath as New Orleans police officers were seen looting shopping centers and filling shopping carts with shoes, clothing, and electronics.

Mayor Ray Nagin was also questioned about allowing a large number of unnamed police officers to go to Las Vegas for rest and relaxation once the military arrived to take over the city. But a problem for the mayor rose when questioned who those officers were and how they could be contacted. Nagin did not have specific names to give.

Several middle ranking police officers committed suicide after the Katrina debacle, Nagin and Compass believe it was due to trauma and exhaustion from the storm but officials are looking into whether or not it might have been related to fear of being caught in a payroll scandal, AHN reports.

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