Iran’s foreign minister warns of "consequences" on Nations Security Council referral

Iran's new foreign minister has warned of "consequences" if Europe refers Iran to the United Nations Security Council over its nuclear program.

Speaking at a news conference, Dr Manucher Mottaki said there was no legal basis for referral because Iran had been very transparent.

He ruled out any renewed suspension of uranium conversion in the future.

But he did say Tehran favored carrying on negotiations and would look at having more parties around the table, reports BBC.

According to Moscow Times, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Friday asked Russia, China and India to support the United States in threatening Iran with sanctions for refusing to halt its nuclear program.

"Iran needs to get a message from the international community that is a unified message," Rice said at a news conference. The message, she said, is that it is not acceptable for Iran to enter into negotiations with the Europeans on adhering to its international obligations, and then to back out.

Iran refused to accept a U.S.-backed European Union offer of economic concessions to halt suspicious nuclear activities, and Rice said a drive to round up support for UN Security Council consideration of Iran's behavior was under way.

Britain, Germany and France, negotiating on behalf of the European Union, have warned that they may join in seeking to refer Iran to the Security Council if Tehran does not stop uranium conversion before a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Sept. 19. Approval is not assured in the Security Council.

Photo: ISNA

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