U.S. and China again on textile talks

U.S. and Chinese officials began talks Tuesday on American efforts to limit surging imports of low-priced Chinese sweaters, bras and other textile goods that U.S. producers say are damaging their industry.

The talks come after weekend negotiations between China and another major textile market, the European Union, failed to resolve a similar dispute over surging Chinese clothing exports to Europe.

Pravda.ru wrote earlier, that “Both sides are, I think, eager to solve this problem. But both sides say they'd rather take a little more time to reach a good deal rather than a hasty deal,” David Spooner, the special negotiator for textiles in the US Trade Representative's office said.

Chinese textile exports have soared since a worldwide quota system expired on Jan. 1. The United States says its imports are 32 percent above last year's.

"China will adopt an active attitude to find a solution and create a stable environment for China-U.S. textile trade," the government said in a statement read on state television.

Washington has imposed temporary quotas limiting growth in imports of some Chinese textiles to 7.5 percent a year. But U.S. producers are looking for broader restraints, the AP reminds.

Spooner said earlier that the two sides were close to an agreement after talks in August in San Francisco. But industry representatives who were briefed on those talks said they remained far apart in some areas.

European retailers are complaining that some 75 million pieces of clothing are stranded at ports and say the holdup could force some stores into bankruptcy.

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