Indian and Pakistan say they have progress in talks

India and Pakistan said they have made progress in talks on anti-terrorism efforts and on releasing hundreds of prisoners who have languished in each other's jails for decades.

As said earlier, the talks are part of a peace process that began in January last year with a series of official contacts aimed at easing tensions between the South Asian neighbors, who have fought three wars since the subcontinent was partitioned in 1947 by departing British colonialists.

Pakistani Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah and his Indian host, Home Secretary V.K. Duggal, did not give details of their discussions but said a joint statement would be issued Tuesday at the end of the two-day meetingб the AP reports.

"It has been a very positive discussion, very useful discussion from both sides," Pakistani Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah said at the end of Monday's talks.

Duggal said both sides discussed "all issues in a good atmosphere and in a very positive and friendly manner."

Hundreds of Pakistanis and Indians have been caught on the wrong side of the border over the past few decades and imprisoned on suspicion of spying. Nearly all say they accidentally wandered across the poorly marked frontier.

"The sooner they go home, the better," Shah told reporters Monday.

Pakistan released 589 Indians last year, and India released 182 Pakistanis as tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbors eased, according to Pakistani officials.

Indian officials say Pakistan still holds 371 Indian fishermen and 74 other civilian prisoners. Pakistan says 379 Pakistanis are in Indian jails.

On photo: Syed Kamal Shah, Pakistani Interior Secretary.

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