New Iraqi Cabinet is approved

After three months of a political stalemate, Iraq's National Assembly approved a list of Cabinet members Thursday to form a new government. Five positions have been filled temporarily after talks failed to produce a compromise.

The government has a prime ministership and 36 other posts. Women fill six of those positions.

The Shiite-led United Iraqi Alliance attracted the most votes in the January 30 election to the 275-member transitional assembly. The &to=http:// 21/93/375/13145_Fallujah.html ' target=_blank>Shiites represent an estimated 60 percent of the population and were persecuted under Saddam Hussein's regime. The Kurdish bloc placed second, reports CNN News.

According to the Scotsman, the new Cabinet also marked another surprising political comeback for former Pentagon favourite Ahmad Chalabi, a Shiite who will be one of four deputy prime ministers and acting oil minister.

Prime Minister-designate &to=http:// ' target=_blank>Ibrahim al-Jaafari told reporters that decisions over the vacant and acting Cabinet positions will be made in three to four days.

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