Lukashenko: Minsk ready to cooperate with any country

Belarus is ready for constructive cooperation with any country on the basis of equality and mutual respect, Belarus President Alexnader Lukashenko said in his annual address to the Belarus people and the National Assembly.

The head of state stressed that there are still many problems in relations with the European Union. "Not all the Europeans are impressed by Belarus' political stability and socially-oriented economic reforms," he said.

"Taking into account the positive dynamics of our trade and economic relations, Belarus is interested in resuming a full-scale dialogue with the US, but without any prompting," Lukashenko underlined. "At the same time, Belarus will oppose every attempt of political pressure and threatening with any kind of sanctions," the head of state aggregated.

The president noted a new quality of relations with China, India, Iran, Asian, African, Persian Gulf countries and a number of others.

He expressed gratitude to the leadership of China, India, Russia, Iran and other states for their support for and protection of Belarus in international organizations. "We will repay with good as well," Lukashenko remarked.

The president stressed that Belarus will speak out for enhancing the UN's role in the settlement of global problems. At the same time, he underlined that "we are against the politicization of this respectable organization and its structures, particularly the Human Rights Commission, the abuse of its authority in the interests of the high and mighties. There is a more negative trend for politicization in the activity of the OSCE. Along with Russia, Kazakhstan and a number of other states we are speaking for reforming this international structure."

While speaking on the situation in the post-Soviet space, Alexander Lukashenko described the "color revolutions" that have recently emerged there as banditry. He believes that "color revolutions" in Belarus sank into oblivion. "No money can overthrow the incumbent power in Belarus," President Lukashenko said. "You should not listen to scoundrels seeking to profit from these revolutions," he added.

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