New medical device to make weak heart pumping better

The first medical device designed to help weak heart pumping better also can enlarge it to a more normal size and shape, a study has found.

About 150 heart failure patients who got this novel and incredibly simple device felt better, were less likely to need &to=http:// ' target=_blank>heart transplants or other operations, and improved in other ways when compared with people who did not get the fabric wrap.

"There was a 75 per cent overall improvement. It is a sort of breakthrough technology," Dr Douglas Mann, the Baylor College of Medicine cardiologist, said, as The Australian reported.

"The CorCap Cardiac Support Device helps an enlarged heart recover a more normal size and shape. As a result, patients feel better and require fewer costly medical interventions to treat their heart failure," commented Dr. Mann.

"These clinical trial results should bring hope to thousands of heart failure patients whose lives have been severely affected by this debilitating disease. CorCap CSD therapy could improve outcomes for the many patients who are not helped by drugs alone", informs Medical News Today.

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