Bush and Kerry: election campaigns are in full swing

In a sharply worded challenge to President George W Bush, Democratic Sen. John Kerry said emphatically Wednesday that the war on terror is a winnable one and “extremism has gained momentum” as a result of administration policies in Iraq. “When it comes to Iraq, it’s not that I would have done one thing differently, I would have done almost everything differently” than the president, the presidential candidate said in a speech to the national convention of the American Legion, informs Daily Times. Kerry spoke dismissively of a statement Bush made Monday - then rescinded on Tuesday - that the war on terror might not be winnable. “I absolutely disagree,” he said. “With the right policies, this is a war we can win, this is a war we must win, and this is a war we will win.” Kerry said. “... In the end, the terrorists will lose and we will win because the future does not belong to fear, it belongs to freedom.” According to Xinhuanet, US Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry on Wednesday challenged President George W. Bush over his remark that the war on terror is not winnable, a comment Bush retreated from on Tuesday. "With the right policies, this is a war we can win, this is a war we must win, and this is a war we will win," Kerry said in a speech to the national convention of the American Legion in Nashville, Tennessee. Bush's departure from his previous optimistic statements complicated the Republican Party's effort to depict him as a strong leader on the war on terror as the party opened its National Convention in New York on Monday. Republicans have been trying to describe Kerry as an indecisiveand unreliable leader who could not lead the United States in dealing with the threat of terrorism. Kerry's campaign has quickly seized on Bush's comments to attack his "failed leadership." Senator John Edwards, vice presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, said Bush's remarks were actually a declaration of defeat. John Kerry told 6,000 American Legion convention delegates Wednesday that the Bush administration has botched the pacification of Iraq and that he "would have done almost everything differently." A harsh indictment of the administration's planning and execution of "winning the peace" dominated the Democrat's 40-minute speech to the largely conservative veterans group. Following President Bush to the podium by 24 hours, Kerry, who's had a hard time distinguishing his positions on Iraq from President Bush's, made his strongest attempt yet to draw contrasts. Bush spoke to the group Tuesday, reports USATODAY. Three times, Kerry sought to turn recent statements by Bush against him. "President Bush on Monday admitted that he miscalculated in Iraq," Kerry said. "In truth, his miscalculation was ignoring the advice that was given to him, including the best advice of America's own military."

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