American hawk's anti-Soviet revelations demanded in U.S. today to characterize terrorism

The United States Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz has compared the struggle against terrorism with the war against "Soviet communism." Appearing on Thursday in the American Chamber of Commerce at the function remembering Paul Nitze, architect of the "Soviet" policy of the American administration of the cold-war times, Wolfowitz said that many of the views of that conservative politician have not become outmoded today.

There are different opinions of how to act with regard to Iraq and Afghanistan. One thing can be agreed upon: the fanaticism of terrorists demonstrates such an ugly face which we are to fight against just as Nitze fought against the threat of Soviet communism, Wolfowitz said.

America is on the crossroads and the threats against us are as dangerous as in the 1950s, he emphasized.

The undersecretary of defense turned to the well-known 1968 document of the National Security Council written by Nitze. It spoke of the need to combat "the Soviet threat." This document well explains that the threat from the USSR was both military and ideological. The ideology of fanatic terrorists is much more dangerous and today we face those who not just hate freedom but also life and deify death. Unlike them, the Soviets were not so suicidal, Wolfowitz said.

Holding different posts in the Ronald Reagan administration - from the naval chief to undersecretary of defense - Nitze is also known for leading the American delegation at the disarmament talks with the USSR in Geneva in the mid-1980s.

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